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Bento Box Divided

Bento Box Divided

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These Bento Boxes are made to up your lunch game, with all the tools you may need such as silverware, dividers, a condiment cup, and a silicone seal. It’s chip and crack resistant, and it’s designed to last for years in both cafe and home environments. By using less plastic material, it makes them one of the most sustainable food container options.

Includes a sauce container, two removable dividers, a cutlery set and built-in pressure relief valve. Removable dividers are designed for all kinds of lunch combinations, and portion control. Microwave safe and top shelf dishwasher safe.

Millions of tons of carbon emissions are emitted annually from the rice-fields around the world mainly due to the open-burning activities by the paddy farmers during the post-harvesting season. Minimal Natural Fiber Products are made of discarded rice husk. It’s environmentally friendly due to lower carbon footprints and it’s also compostable naturally, making it from the earth and ultimately giving back to the earth. It separates us from those non-renewable resources.

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