A nice little store, with nice little things, that are nice to our planet.

Before Sunday is a chic, eco-conscious and low-waste marketplace where you can find sustainable products for your everyday life.

We provide things you need, without the packaging you don't.

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What makes a product eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly products can be sustainable in the following ways: they use limited to no packaging, are made with compostable or recycled materials, replace single-use plastic, are cruelty-free, vegan, all-natural, or organic.

These products come from suppliers that may be sustainable in the following ways: they are carbon-neutral, fair-trade, use solar-powered facilities, are regional or local, use circular packaging, offer low-waste shipping, and/or have eco-conscious certifications such as BCORP or 1% For the Planet.

With that being said, sustainability is a gradient scale. Our job is to do our best.

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Meet Me at Our Spot.

Before Sunday at Cafe Commons (Norton Commons, East Louisville)

We are now open at our semi-permanent pop-up location, Cafe Commons (Previously known as Fix Coffeehouse)! 6AM-4PM

Address: 10616 Meeting St, Prospect, KY 40059

Before Sunday at The Flea-Off Market

May 14 at Monnik Beer Co. (for the Spring Germantown Schnitzelburg Walk)

May 28, May 29

September 10, September 11

The Flea-Off Address: 1001 E Market St., Louisville, KY

At Stevenshire Farms (This Saturday!)

August 6th, 11-5 at Stevenshire Farms

Address: 4700 Hurstborne Pkwy, Louisville, KY